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Ingredients:  Black tea (91%), almond pieces, flavouring.
Black tea with almond pieces

Drinking tea flavoured with nuts may sound like folly to some, but the idea goes way back: the Chinese have been home-blending nuts with tea for centuries. We didn’t hear about it in the West because almond tea wasn’t exported – it was more like a treasured family recipe.

The blend we offer here combines robust black tea with little pieces of butter-fried almond, balanced for a mellow and sweet flavour. Of course, you also get that distinctive aroma, which may evoke so many memories. Roasting chestnuts over a bonfire, nut roast at Christmas, jumping out from under the tree, scaring grandma. Almond sauce with pudding in a little bistro. Those little slender, raindrop-shaped jewels, husk-coated tears shed by the Tree of Life. It's easy to get carried away.

Ingredients:    Black tea (91%), almond pieces, flavouring.
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