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Almond Almond Almond


100g bag

Black tea with pieces of almond and cream flavour

So tell me then, Lee Rosy, why should I drink almond tea?

The deadly poison cyanide is present in bitter almonds, in small amounts – indeed large doses can be lethal.  Our sweet almond tea, by contrast, is perfectly fine.

Well, that’s good to know. But you’re not really selling it to me.

It’s true, drinking tea flavoured with nuts may sound like folly to some, but the idea goes way back – the Chinese have been home-blending nuts with tea for centuries. We didn’t hear about it in the West because it wasn’t exported – it was more like a treasured family recipe.

Well, as long as I’m not the first. I like tea, and I like nuts. I’ve just got a few issues to work through.

Did you know that almonds have more vitamins than any other nut? Obviously there’s only a small quantity in almond tea, but it’s fine because tea is also good for you – black tea is high in anti-oxidants thought to have a number of healthy properties. The blend we offer here combines robust black tea with little pieces of butter-fried almond, balanced for a mellow and sweet flavour. Of course, you also get that distinctive, evocative aroma.

Evocative aroma? Ah yes, it brings back so many memories. Roasting chestnuts over a bonfire, or nut roast at Christmas, jumping out from under the Christmas tree, scaring grandma. Almond sauce with pudding in a little bistro. Those little slender, raindrop-shaped jewels, husk-coated tears shed by the Tree of Life. Is the almond not the most romantic of nuts?

My work here is done.

Price: £3.95

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