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Caramel Tea
Caramel Tea Caramel Tea

Caramel Tea

100g bag

Chunks of caramel swimming in black tea – a sweet-tooth’s delight

Now, there are some people who disapprove of this sort of thing. Tea, according to the purest tea connoisseurs, is the drink of emperors; it draws its unique flavour from the sunlight and soil, is given to infinite nuance and subtlety, and should absolutely not be debased with sweeties and other vulgar gimmicks. If you must flavour the world’s favourite beverage, use fragrant flowers or citrus essence, not the lascivious, instant gratification of burnt sugar.

If you are a sweet-tooth and happen to get caught up in such a conversation I recommend you just cover your ears and sing “Brown Sugar” full pipe. You know that caramel tea has certain benefits the purists will never appreciate. Heating sugar turns it into confectionery gold – a sweetness far superior to the usual spoonful of Tate & Lyle. And the caramel chunks that nuzzle amongst the tea leaves melt in hot water, so if you like your brews sweet, you could think of this blend as tea with the sugar already added. 

Caramel Tea is perfect with a dash of milk to complement the creamy caramel flavour.

Price: £3.95

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