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Chocolate Truffle Tea
Chocolate Truffle Tea Chocolate Truffle Tea

Chocolate Truffle Tea

100g bag 

Black tea with broken cocoa and white chocolate pieces

Chocolate and tea, tea and chocolate: two of the most potent forces in the universe. China and Japan may have given the world the ancient Tea Ceremony, but Britain has contributed its own ritual, the Dunked Biscuit. 

Combining tea with chocolate biscuits, chocolate bars or cake creates a one-two combo that is hard to beat. But what if you face the prying eyes of joyless friends and colleagues? Combining chocolate and tea in a single dose is surely the holy grail of afternoon snacking. Science has not yet found a way to top the melted-chocolate biscuit-dunking method. The project certainly keeps us working late in the Lee Rosy’s research crypt. When we finally hit on the perfect way to combine chocolate with tea it will satisfy such a basic human urge that we will probably rule the world, making “Chocola-Tea” pills for everyone. 

But until then this is pretty good. Real pieces of dried chocolate, with frozen dried cream on a solid black tea base, nicely suited for adding a splash of milk. It’s ideal for pleasing secret sweet-tooths, and in its own little way, it’s unstoppable.

Price: £3.95

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