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Earl Grey  

Earl Grey

100g bag

Black tea flavoured with essential oil from the bergamot fruit

I believe you wanted to say something about Earl Grey, Lee Rosy?

Ah, there you are. Yes, I’m thinking of that timeless aroma of summer fruit. Earl Grey combines mellow tea and bergamot scent, the perfect mingling of leaf and fruit, like the musky forest after rain. Earl Grey is the world’s most popular scented tea, and it is not difficult to see why. Lovers of the Earl will find just what they are looking for in our blend – Chinese black tea finely balanced with citrus essence.

Earl Grey has a fine pedigree, you know. The famous story goes that two hundred years ago the Prime Minister Charles Grey, the 2nd Earl Grey, visited China on a diplomatic mission, and one of his men saved the life of a Mandarin’s son from drowning (a Mandarin being a senior official, not the duck. Ducks don’t drown). As a token of his gratitude and an offering to their two countries’ eternal friendship, the Mandarin shared with him the recipe for their peerless bergamot-scented black tea, which forevermore became known as Earl Grey tea. It’s been laudable tea nobility ever since, mmm.

But.... but...

Yes? Is something troubling you?

I’ve been doing some reading up on this. It turns out Lord Grey never visited China, and nor did his “men”, whoever they were. I believe we were at war with China back then, weren’t we? They didn’t give us many presents.

It doesn’t change the story.

AND the Chinese hardly made any black tea back then. Nor did they ever scent it with bergamot either, so that can’t have been right. Not only that but the legend often has it that the first Earl Grey was made from Indian tea leaves, even though India didn’t even grow any tea back then.

It’s still a lovely story.

AND there’s more... two different companies claim to have been solely entrusted with the recipe by Lord Grey himself, but can we believe them? It’s all a big mess. How do I know the first Earl Grey wasn’t blended by some Have-a-Go Horatio, long since forgotten, from the back of a horse-drawn carriage?

Because we’re British, don’t you know? That’s why. It is our birthright to invent wildly inaccurate stories about royals and the minor nobility. Where would we be without that? We would have nothing to talk about, and they would just be absentee landlords in leaking mansions. Never underestimate the royal razzle-dazzle. In the meantime, why don’t you try some of this special Earl Grey Blue Flower blend of mine – it’s great. Lady Diana used to drink it, you know.

Did she?


Price: £3.95

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