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Earl Grey

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Ingredients:  Black tea, flavouring.
Black tea flavoured with essential oil from the bergamot fruit

Ah, that timeless aroma of summer fruit. Earl Grey is the perfect mingling of mellow tea leaves and bergamot scent. The famous story goes that 200 years ago, the Prime Minister, the 2nd Earl Grey, visited China on a diplomatic mission, and one of his men saved the life of a Mandarin’s son from drowning. As a token of gratitude, the Mandarin shared with him this peerless recipe.

But... it turns out Lord Grey never visited China, and nor did his “men”, whoever they were. The Chinese didn't make much black tea back then, nor scent it with bergamot. And we were at war with China at the time, so we didn't get many presents. It’s all a big mess. But it is our British birthright to invent wildly inaccurate stories about royals and the minor nobility, without which we would have nothing to talk about. Never underestimate the royal razzle-dazzle.

Ingredients:    Black tea, flavouring.
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