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Earl Grey Blue Flower

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Ingredients:  Black tea, cornflowers, flavouring.
Earl Grey with blue cornflowers – a variation on a classic theme

If you’re reading this, it’s fair to assume you already like Earl Grey. Perhaps it’s your favourite type of tea. It's so popular that the quality of ‘Earl Grey-ness’ cannot be limited to just one drink – it deserves more than that: Earl Grey soap, say, or Earl Grey ice cream. Perhaps there should be endless expansions on the theme – Earl Grey holidays or Earl Grey radio.

Well, we are not there yet at Lee Rosy’s, but we can certainly offer one highly successful variation. Earl Grey Blue Flower in fact has its own dedicated following. The difference is minor – the eponymous Blue Flower is cornflower; a small tweak to provide a more floral aroma. If you like it, you could also try our Rooibos Earl Grey or Decaffeinated Earl Grey. To some, that will sound like an awful lot of Earl Grey; but to us, it's just the beginning.

Ingredients:    Black tea, cornflowers, flavouring.
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