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English Breakfast

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Ingredients:  Black tea.
A blend of broken-leaf black tea – a strong and hearty brew

So, you’ve come all the way to Spain and you just want chicken and chips? No, it’s all right - English Breakfast is the nation’s favourite drink, after all. The blend typically contains Assam and a potent brew of other black teas from India, Sri Lanka or Africa. English Breakfast tea is a mighty breakfast beverage, with plenty of caffeine and packing a rich, malty flavour that most people will prefer with milk.

The flavour is strong enough to hold its own when helping to wash down English fried breakfast foods, or perhaps breakfast cereals, or any quantity of biscuits. When taken with milk it is a classic cold weather tea.

If you like English Breakfast blend, you may also enjoy Assam, Keemun, Yunnan or Russian Caravan.

Ingredients:    Black tea.
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