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Greek Mountain Herb

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Ingredients:  Sideritis plants.
A relaxing and healthy caffeine-free plant from the Mediterranean

Greek Mountain Herb comes from the sideritis family, and grows wild on hillsides in southern Europe. It is commonly known as Greek or Turkish Mountain Tea (to avoid confusion we reserve the T-word for the tea plant). Its other common name, ironwort, may evoke some bitter potion prepared for a dwarf king. In fact, its flavour is very accessible - mellow and lightly woody - the name refers to its ancient use to help soldiers with cut wounds.

“Mountain Tea” is poorly known in the UK, which is too bad, as it has numerous health claims with some scientific backing. It has been shown to have anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial qualities, and to lower blood pressure. Plus, it is caffeine-free. There are 150 species of sideritis, all wild, in Greece, Spain, Turkey, Croatia: surely it’s time for one of my “business” trips and some sturdy hiking boots?

Ingredients:    Sideritis plants.
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