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Green Tea & Ginger
Green Tea & Ginger Green Tea & Ginger

Green Tea & Ginger

100g bag

A blend of sencha green tea leaves and ginger pieces

Those of us who were weaned on Jamaican ginger beer will not need reminding of the appeal of the ‘horned root’ (the original derivation of ‘ginger’ from Sanskrit). A staple of cookery in tropical climates from China to the Caribbean, ginger has also been used for millennia in east and west for medicinal purposes. Scientific studies have shown it to be effective at combating nausea and helping digestion among other things. It may also improve circulation and is an age old folk treatment for cold symptoms. 

This all adds to ginger’s allure as a natural and welcome twist to green tea. The blend we offer here carefully balances the two main ingredients;  the base is mild Bancha leaf, which leaves plenty of room for the spicy and aromatic ginger, while black peppercorns complete the blend. 

The flavour is not as fiery as Jamaican root ginger beer – that is, not fiery enough to send a backdraft-style inferno through your sinuses like a tunnel explosion in an action film. But it is a satisfying effect nonetheless – gentler, more akin to smoking out an undesirable mole from under your lawn, where the lawn is your face and the mole – oh forget it. The point is, it’s a very accessible tea you can drink morning or afternoon, great for refreshment and general gingering up. 

Price: £3.95

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