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Jasmine Dragon Pearl
Jasmine Dragon Pearl Jasmine Dragon Pearl

Jasmine Dragon Pearl

50g bag

Finest quality green tea and jasmine flowers hand-rolled into pearl-sized balls

FAQs about Jasmine Dragon Pearl

Q. So this tea is pretty special, then?

A. Yes, Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearl (to use its full name) is indeed one of the most famous and fine teas in the world. To give you a flavour of how the Chinese traditionally viewed teas of this quality, if not exclusively Jasmine Dragon Pearl: In ancient times in China, during the first tea picking season, the imperial court would get first pick on the finest leaves, picked just once a year under the March new moon. The pickers were young girls who would wash their hands seven times before donning silk gloves and cutting the freshest tea buds with golden scissors. They were even forbidden from eating garlic and other spices in case the merest trace on their fingers adulterated the tea.

Now, this ritual died out centuries ago, but you get an idea of how seriously the Chinese are capable of taking fine tea. Jasmine Dragon Pearl is one of several teas that in olden times was reserved exclusively for the imperial court. To make it, tea makers use the finest quality green tea leaves and jasmine flowers at their most aromatic, which are then woven together by hand into pearl shapes. The leaves unfurl as they brew and offer up a particularly intense and fragrant jasmine flavour.

Q. How does Jasmine Dragon Pearl compare to other teas?

A. You could think of it as being in the top millionth of the tea world. At the bottom of the pyramid you’ve got the acres of tea dust used in tea bags around the world. Then next up from that are crushed leaves, then eventually you get to the many different loose leaf blends, then elite single estate teas and rarities. Then nestling at the top among very exclusive company is a tea like Jasmine Dragon Pearl.

Q. Wow.

A. That’s not technically a question.

Q. I mean, the top millionth, really? Am I allowed to drink it?

A. Yes. But you might think about getting a haircut and having a tidy-up around the house. At least make an effort.

Q. But top millionth? It almost feels like too much pressure. I mean, am I one of the top millionth people in the world? That’s, let me see, the top 7,000 people. In the world. Am I one of them?

A. You shouldn’t think about it like that, especially not you. Think of it as choosing to belong to a select few who really appreciate their tea. Drink it on special occasions, and remember to save the leaves and brew them again – the fine quality means they keep their flavour for several brewings. If it makes you feel better, you can just buy it and not drink it at all. Give it as a present to friends or serve it when they come over to visit, and that way it will seem like they’re in the top millionth.

Q. You clearly haven’t met my friends.

A. Well, however you choose to enjoy it, Jasmine Dragon Pearl is a treasure of the tea world – use it how you will. And now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to make tea. I have just finished an Easy Sudoku and stand in need of a handsome reward.

Price: £7.95

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