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Jasmine Dragon Pearl

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Ingredients:  Green tea, jasmine flowers.
Finest quality green tea and jasmine flowers hand-rolled into pearl-sized balls
You could think of Jasmine Dragon Pearl as being in the top millionth of the tea world. At the bottom of the pyramid there are the piles of tea dust used in standard tea bags. Next up from that are crushed leaves, then eventually you get to the many different loose leaf blends, and elite single estate teas. This blend nestles at the top among very exclusive company. To make it, tea makers use the fi nest quality green tea leaves and jasmine flowers at their most aromatic, which are then woven together by hand into pearl shapes. The leaves unfurl as they brew and offer up a particularly intense and fragrant jasmine flavour. In ancient China it was reserved exclusively for the imperial court, and picked just once a year under the March new moon.
Ingredients:    Green tea, jasmine flowers.
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