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Mao Feng

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Ingredients:  Green tea.
A famous Chinese green tea with a rich, sweet flavour
Mao Feng is a fine quality green tea, harvested in late springtime. It is sometimes called Criss-Cross Tea, named in honour of its wild, unruly leaf shape (and not the child hip-hop stars). Even though Mao Feng is a premium quality tea, it is also perfect for green tea beginners. It may be a pure leaf, but the flavour is so sweet and aromatic for a green tea that you could be forgiven for thinking it had been scented with something or other. Mao Feng is produced under the shadow of ‘Nine-Dragon Mountain’ in east China’s Zhejiang province. You probably won't see any dragons there these days, but you might run into a rare and fearsome pheasant called Cabot's Tragopan, which lives on these hills and almost nowhere else.
Ingredients:    Green tea.
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