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Nettle Leaf

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Ingredients:  Nettle leaves.
Pure, dried nettle leaf (no stings)
If you are reading this, we already respect you. Nettle infusion is not to be drunk half-heartedly. But if you can learn to love its bracing flavour, you may reap the benefits of one of England’s oldest folk remedies - used for many conditions, such as eczema, arthritis and rheumatism. Many cultures have long associated nettles with ascetic, noble suffering for an eventual reward (and sometimes plain masochism). A medieval Tibetan monk called Milarepa was said to have lived on nothing but nettle tea for decades, living until the age of 83. In Tibetan artwork he's the one looking a bit green. Recent studies lend support to the folk claims. Which just leaves one question: Nettles are to be found growing in most back gardens and thickets. Why can’t you go and pick them for yourself? Because you’re out running and stuff, that’s why.
Ingredients:    Nettle leaves.
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