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Organic Chocolate & Mint

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Ingredients:  Cocoa husks (50%), peppermint (50%).
A simple and successful mingling of cocoa husks and mint leaves

Sometimes it's better not to overthink things. We all like chocolate - this we can agree on. We all like fresh mint, whether, say, a hot tea in the morning, or an after-dinner sweet. Here's an idea - would chocolate and mint would go well together in a drink? Well, yes, as it happens. Yes they would.

This blend is 50% cocoa husks and 50% peppermint leaves, and nothing else. Both are from organic production and the result a natural (dairy-free) creamy flavour that is both fresh and comforting. Great for cold weather, picnic weather and - well, who needs a reason?

Ingredients:    Cocoa husks (50%), peppermint (50%).
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