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Ingredients:  Peppermint leaves.
Pure, cut peppermint leaves

Peppermint is a very civilising herb – quite impressive, really. How would you even know if a peppermint plant was dirty? Ever thought about that one?

A cup of peppermint tea after food is a good, caffeine-free digestif. Peppermint contains menthol, which stimulates the digestive juices in the stomach (bile – there, said it) and helps to reduce the build-up of gas in the gut (less wind - there, said it again). So while scientists spend millions researching a cure for flatulence (a laboratory best avoided) nature has already provided a helping hand. Peppermint can also aid with indigestion and heartburn, and relieve cold symptoms by clearing the sinuses. And did we mention that it tastes great too? So if someone has given you this bag as a present, don't worry, it's probably nothing personal.

Ingredients:    Peppermint leaves.
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