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Ingredients:  Black tea.
A Chinese tea fermented twice and left to mature underground, with a strong, earthy flavour

Puer has a strong, earthy, pungent flavour. A big attraction of Puer, for any fan of puns, is that to the uninitiated, it could be said to taste a bit like it sounds. Some people will taste it and say “Pooer!”, but it is their loss, because Puer is one of China's most prized tea traditions. The taste comes from its unique production method. Puer is fermented twice or more and buried underground for at least a year – to decompose for a while, basically. The longer the time underground, the finer the quality.

Recently, there has been a fad for Puer to be promoted as miracle weight-loss tea. While there is evidence that certain types of tea such as Puer and green tea can speed up the metabolism very modestly, don't get too infuse-iastic - there’s really only one type of tea that burns a lot of fat: physical activi-tea. As for this pun gent... [Please stop - Ed.]

Ingredients:    Black tea.
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