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Black tea with almond pieces and a hint of cream
Caramel TeaCaramel Tea
Chunks of caramel swimming in black tea – a sweet-tooth’s delight
China Rose TeaChina Rose Tea
Chinese black tea with rose petals and scent
Chocolate Truffle TeaChocolate Truffle Tea
Black tea with broken cocoa and white chocolate pieces
Cinnamon TeaCinnamon Tea
Broken sticks of spicy cinnamon in black tea
Earl GreyEarl Grey
Black tea flavoured with essential oil from the bergamot fruit
Earl Grey Blue FlowerEarl Grey Blue Flower
Earl Grey with blue cornflowers – a variation on a classic theme
Lapsang SouchongLapsang Souchong
Chinese black tea dried over wood fires for a unique, smoky flavour
Spicy ChaiSpicy Chai
An infusion of black tea, aniseed, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, cloves and chicory roots
Apple TeaApple Tea
Black tea mixed with apple chunks for a fruity, autumnal flavour
Honey TeaHoney Tea
Black tea flavoured with honey to create a delicious pick-me-up
Lychee TeaLychee Tea
Black tea with lychee – an ancient Chinese blend
Russian CaravanRussian Caravan
An aromatic, smoky blend of Chinese black teas
Vanilla TeaVanilla Tea
Black tea and vanilla pieces combine in a delicious blend that can be drunk with or without milk
Apricot TeaApricot Tea
Black tea mixed with the zest of apricot – strong and refreshing
Decaffeinated Earl GreyDecaffeinated Earl Grey
The classic bergamot scent of Earl Grey in tea perfect for any time of day
Fig & Acerola CherryFig & Acerola Cherry
Black tea with dried acerola cherries, sour cherries and figs – fruity and mellow
Pu Er & LimePu Er & Lime
Earthy Pu Er tea blended with tangy lime flavour

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