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White Monkey

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Ingredients:  Green tea.
A renowned green tea with a pale infusion and mild flavour

White Monkey is a world-renowned green tea from Fujian, China, with an aromatic and mild flavour that connoisseurs and newcomers alike can enjoy. Legend has it that this tea originally grew on treacherous, rocky slopes, making tea-picking a perilous task. Rather than risk injury, the local people trained monkeys to forage for the tea leaves instead, rewarding them with peanuts.

What’s missing in all of this is the monkey’s side of the story. Perhaps they were gathering tea for themselves, only to have it cruelly stolen? Or were they indeed training humans to retrieve peanuts from inaccessible places? But note that monkeys DO NOT pick tea any more - if they ever did. If you have picked up something called “Monkey Picked Tea” from other companies, then you, we’re afraid, are the monkey. Which might well be their legal defence.

Ingredients:    Green tea.
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